Meet Lindsay, our vibrant Dental Hygienist, who brings a burst of energy and a genuine love for people to our boutique cosmetic dental practice. Lindsay embarked on her dental journey by graduating from the Dental Hygiene Program at Middlesex Community College in 2008. With a remarkable career spanning over 15 years in Dental Hygiene and 8 years as a Dental Assistant prior, Lindsay's expertise is truly impressive.

Lindsay's bubbly and friendly demeanor is matched only by her commitment to fostering healthy smiles. Her passion for oral health, coupled with her ability to connect effortlessly with patients, ensures that each visit is not only productive but also enjoyable. With Lindsay's personalized care and warm approach, you can expect a dental experience that's marked by both professionalism and genuine camaraderie.

Beyond her technical expertise, Lindsay's ability to connect on a personal level creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Her goal is not just to enhance your smile but to make your journey towards optimal oral health a delightful and memorable one. Embrace Lindsay's professional yet personable touch as you embark on a smile-transforming experience at our boutique cosmetic dental practice.