We are committed to providing our patients the most advanced and efficient dental technology. Our goal is to offer superior customer experience and offer minimally invasive dental treatments. Advanced dental technology enables this by allowing predictable documentation, communication, and performance.

Digital Dental X-Rays

We use the DEXIS Platinum system. DEXIS was shown to be the best in image quality, providing the most consistent images at lower doses of radiation. These x-rays are also rated high in patient comfort and fast workflow.

Advanced technology Intra Oral Cameras

Our SOPRO intra oral cameras utilize unique fluorescence technology to illuminate dental tissue to reveal caries in CARIO mode, as well as new and old dental plaque in PERIO mode.

Digital smile Design patient

Digital Smile Design

Dr Cardenas has trained with renowned professional dental photographers and Smile Designers. We document all our esthetic cases with the latest dental iPhone videography technology and professional studio photography equipment.

SKYN concept

Dr Cardenas is a SKYN certified clinician. This technique was developed by Master Paulo Kano from Sao Paulo, Brazil. SKYNs are crowns, veneers or ceramic fragments that were born from copying natural tooth anatomy, shape, and texture using CAD-CAM technology (computer-aided design and manufacturing). With the use of SKYNs, we can replace complete symmetry with the balance and harmony that natural smiles have with their minor imperfections.

Digital smile Design Maria Cardenas

Advanced Digital technology

We are trained to digitally design, plan, and execute your dental treatment. All of our 2D smile design projects are performed in the computer. With the help of digital impressions, we also partner with the DSD Virtual Lab to blend the 2D design into the 3D environment. With this technology, we use your photos and videos in the digital world to help us adjust all important details to create a functional and esthetic smile that belongs to you.


We have large screen TVs in every room with an integrated entertainment system allowing our patients to choose music or videos to occupy themselves during treatment. We also have noise canceling headphones available to every patient.

A laptop in a room at Maria Cardenas DMD dental clinic shows the digital design of a patient's new smile on screen.


Maria Cardenas DMD offers a wide array of cosmetic and general dentistry services so that creating a beautiful smile is effortless.