What is a Digital Smile Design Clinic?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a treatment planning protocol that allows for careful analysis of the patient’s facial and dental structures through state-of-the-art videography and digital technology. Today, the DSD Concept is considered the most modern, patient-centered design approach available.

DSD Clinics are an exclusive group of hand-selected practices all over the world that share a passion for combining dentistry, aesthetics, and technology in their pursuit of excellence through the DSD Concept. DSD Clinics are focused on making the Digital Smile Design process a personalized experience for the patient, allowing Smile Design to be truly customized to their unique specifications.

Through the use of the latest digital technology and the collaboration of an exclusive group of partners, DSD Clinics offer the highest quality standards of Smile Design and patient care.

Dr. Cardenas is a Certified Master of the DSD Team.

DSD Master LogoMaría Cárdenas DMD Certified DSD Clinic Plate

She lectures and collaborates with all DSD courses in the U.S. Maria Cardenas, DMD is the first and only Certified Digital Smile Design Clinic in the United States.


The Digital Smile Design Process

We start all our aesthetic consultations with a careful analysis of the patient’s facial and dental characteristics. We then begin to design by looking at the whole picture, incorporating personality, facial features, dental analysis, and treatment goals. This design is then transformed into a treatment plan that integrates biology, structure, and function in order to achieve longevity.

We design using videos, photography, X-rays, and 3D imagery, and we can simulate the outcome of every case, prior to beginning treatment, by creating before-and-after videos for each patient.


We use visual communication with our patients, showing them the final result and how they would look in a way that is simple and easy for anyone to understand.


Facial Driven Design

No two faces are alike. Every visage is different. Digital Smile Design is a completely personalized experience for each patient.

Facial features will help us understand the symmetry of the face and the harmony of each smile. We can design a smile frame that will provide guidance to tooth position, shape, and color.

The patient’s facial features drive the digital models and simulation. The smile design is focused on bringing symmetry and beauty to the smile by guiding tooth position and adjusting tooth shape and color to fit the facial features.

Make the right impression

Digital Documentation DSD

Digital Documentation

Most of our documentation is performed through videos, which allow us to see the smile in movement and understand the changes that will be required to achieve the maximum harmony and aesthetic potential.

The patient’s facial features and smile are documented with the latest iPhone dental videography technology and professional studio photography equipment.

Mock-Up or Test Drive of the Smile

The final Digital Smile Design can be converted into a mock-up that will allow the patient to visualize the final outcome. This design, once approved by the patient, will guide the rest of the treatment.

The Digital Smile Design is based on complete transparency between dentist and patient. It is the patient’s wants and needs that ultimately determine the end results as demonstrated by the simulation.

The simulation also allows Dr. Cardenas to thoroughly communicate the outcome of the treatment to the patient. This allows patients to feel confident in their treatment by seeing the simulated end result (and provide their feedback) before treatment begins.

Test Drive your smile

A laptop in a room at Maria Cardenas DMD dental clinic showing the digital design of a patient's new smile on screen.


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