Dr Maria Cardenas sitting in a treatment room in the dental clinic in Wellesley and talking to a patient who is sitting in the dental chair.




Do You Have the Munchies?

What are Munchies®? No, not the cheesy, delicious snacks mix (although I’m sure I could write a blog all about my love ... Read More

Are you self conscious about your gums when you smile?

Are you self conscious about your gums when you smile? When you think about your smile, your first thought is probably ... Read More

What is periodontitis? And how to prevent it.

We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth. But good oral hygiene doesn’t stop at just brushing twice a ... Read More

Do Veneers Look Fake? | Getting a Smile Makeover That Looks Natural

  Does the fear of having fake-looking teeth stop you from getting smile makeover? We get you. We don’t like teeth that ... Read More

Five reasons why ‘digitization’ beats traditional record taking

As a Digital Smile Design Clinic, we strive for nothing less than excellence. This is why we implement digitization as ... Read More

The blueprint of your new smile begins with digitization

At Maria Cardenas DMD, we believe a stunning smile has the potential to change your life. It can impact the way the ... Read More

Will Invisalign® Work For Me?

This is by far the number one question we get regarding Invisalign. Of course, we can’t guarantee anything without ... Read More

Why Photography is an essential tool in cosmetic dentistry.

Photography and videography are essential tools in cosmetic Dentistry. Not only in the technical process and ... Read More

I’m Interested In Straightening My Teeth, But Where Should I Go?

In 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic, there are very few things you can’t do or buy online. We recently figured ... Read More

Oral Cancer Awareness & Early Detection

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and we want to do our part to bring attention to this disease which is more common ... Read More

Added Sugars- Are They Actually Sweet?

Sugars are carbohydrates that are found in many forms and in many different types of foods. Carbohydrates can be ... Read More


The beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to reset and start fresh! In our office we are all for making ... Read More

8 Things to Know about the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program

    1 in 1000 Americans have died to COVID-19. Many survivors (even young healthy ones) have "long haul" symptoms such ... Read More

Noel's Testimonial

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Beth's Testimonial

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