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How Can you Customize Your Cosmetic Smile Makeover?

Have you been searching for: ‘the best aesthetic dentist near me’ in an attempt to transform your smile into a work of art? Look no further than Maria Cardenas DMD. Our dental practice is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, combining the latest techniques in smile design with years of training and a genuine passion for our craft. We strive for nothing less than mastery in the medium of creating beautiful smiles. 


When it comes to your smile makeover, we believe you should be in the driving seat. After all, they’re your teeth! Whatever your goals are, the best aesthetic dentists will give you control over the outcome of your treatment to help you achieve them. 


In this blog, we'll explore how you can customize your cosmetic smile makeover with our innovative Digital Smile Design (DSD) process.


What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) has revolutionized the field of cosmetic dentistry. It allows us to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique facial features, personality, and treatment goals. Using advanced digital technology, we can simulate your future smile with incredible precision, giving you a preview of your transformed appearance before any treatment begins.


Visualizing your results

Many of our patients come to Maria Cardenas DMD after unsuccessful encounters with other dentists. They’re unhappy with their treatment results because no one listened to what they wanted, and they had no say over what their new smile looked like. 


We will always put you at the heart of your treatment, and we do this using DSD. One of the most exciting aspects of the DSD process is the ability to show you visual results or mock-ups of your smile design - and all before we begin the process! 


By seeing these simulations, you can actively participate in shaping your outcome, providing feedback and expressing your preferences. This collaborative approach ensures that the final result aligns perfectly with your patient's vision for their smile.


Patient-centered care

In your search for the ‘best aesthetic dentist near me’, you’ll want to ensure you’re choosing a clinician who puts you first. Maria Cardenas DMD, we believe in putting the patient at the center of every decision. That's why we involve you in every step of the DSD process, from initial consultation to final treatment planning. 


By considering your facial features, personality, and treatment goals, we can create a smile design that enhances your natural beauty and boosts your confidence.


Your face shapes your smile design

Your facial features play a crucial role in determining the optimal design for your smile makeover. With DSD, we can analyze your facial symmetry, proportions, and contours to create a smile that harmonizes with your unique appearance. 


By incorporating your facial features into the digital models and simulations, we ensure that the final result looks natural and balanced.


Personalized Treatment Plans

Each smile design at Maria Cardenas DMD is meticulously crafted to reflect your individuality. We take into account factors such as personality, facial features, dental analysis, and treatment goals to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific needs. 


Whether you're looking to correct minor imperfections or completely transform your smile, we have the expertise and technology to achieve your desired outcome.


Integrating biology, structure, and function

Our approach to smile design goes beyond aesthetics; we also prioritize the long-term health and functionality of your smile. By integrating biology, structure, and function into the treatment plan, we ensure that your new smile not only looks beautiful but also functions seamlessly. 


This comprehensive approach maximizes the longevity of your results, allowing you to enjoy your new smile for years to come.


Your search for ‘the best aesthetic dentist near me’ ends here! 

When you choose Maria Cardenas DMD as your aesthetic dentist, you're choosing a team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to excellence in every aspect of their work. 


From the latest techniques in smile design to personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs, we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.


Start guiding your own smile makeover today! 

If you're ready to embark on your journey to a more beautiful smile, schedule a consultation with Maria Cardenas DMD today. As the only answer to the question: ‘who is the best aesthetic dentist near me?’, we'll work closely with you to customize a cosmetic smile makeover that exceeds your expectations. 


Your smile is uniquely yours. It’s your greatest asset, and at Maria Cardenas DMD, we're here to help you make the most of it.