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Always Learning!

Posted on: April 13th, 2018 | Categories: Blog

Our team is constantly keeping up with the cutting edge technology and frequent updates. We often schedule training's, where we work together as a team to adapt and be aware of the latest techniques in dentistry. This month we had two training sessions, both were hands-on and a lot of fun. I’ll tell you a little more about these training's below.

Let’s Get Gloing!


Our office has partnered with Guided Light Optics (Glo), and we love the results and so do our patients. Our Glo representative, Lisa, recently visited the office on Thursday, and she’s so informative. Lisa came to office to provide us with some additional training and to give us great tips.

As we all know, spring happens to be a busy time of the year. Usually a time for planning weddings, events, and outdoor activities. There is nothing like smiling confidently. However, there are so many factors and daily habits that contribute to the brightness of our teeth, like that glass of red wine on a Saturday night, a cup of coffee in the morning, tobacco use, and much more. The good news is there are whitening systems out there that can brighten the tooth enamel, enhancing the quality of your smile.

Glo is remarkable and here’s why:

  • While using GLO either in the office or with the take home kit, you experience no sensitivity—none of the shocks or zingers that make you feel super uncomfortable.
  • NO trays are required, so you don’t need to have impressions made to mold trays so that they fit your teeth perfectly.
  • Glo is the only whitening system that uses warming heat in a universal closed mouthpiece

We are offering a Glo promotion this month; to find out more please give us a call!


DSD App Updates

 Digital Smile Design Concept

We have also spent a Saturday morning together training on the updated Digital Smile Design App by Coachman. Since Dr. Cardenas and Casey had just returned from the Digital Smile Design residency a few weeks prior, we needed to share what we had learned with the team regarding the upgrades to the App. The best way to learn is to keep practicing and helping one another. Lesley, our front desk treatment coordinator, volunteered so we could practice using the App. There are series of five photos taken and a very short thirty second video.

Gathering this information allows us to incorporate your unique features and personality to your smile design. The App is very user-friendly, and we have an office iPad or iPhone that we use to capture this information. If you are curious about how it works, don’t be afraid to ask. Our front desk staff and clinical staff are fully trained. If you've ever wanted to test drive your own smile or check out the App, just let us know. We would be happy to show you! We also have a few cases stored in the library of the App that our patients or staff have agreed to allow us to show for educational purposes!

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