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Our Team recently attended the DSD Residency in New York City. This course is very hands on and hosted at NYU College of Dentistry. Dr Cardenas has been a collaborator of this residency as well as an active member of the DSD U.S. team for over five years. She has attended most of the residency courses. As a result this has helped us as a team become more exposed to the most recent updates.

Dentistry is changing as new technology and softwares emerge. Digital Smile Design was founded by Dr. Christian Coachman. DSD is a treatment planning protocol that allows for careful analysis of the patients facial and dental structures through state-of-the-art video and digital technology. Today, the DSD Concept is considered the most modern, patient-centered design approach available. DSD Clinics are an exclusive group of hand-selected practices all over the world. These clinics share a passion for combining dentistry, aesthetics, and technology in their pursuit of excellence through the DSD Concept.

We have launched the Digital Smile Design App by Coachman, which is now available on our office iPad and iPhone. This app allows our patients to see a digital smile simulation during the same visit. The app is very complex, yet simple to use, allowing you to sit in our waiting room and test drive your own smile.
DSD is such an incredible yet emotional experience; which allows you as the patient to be the co-designer of your own smile. You can do this by expressing your expectations and needs with everyone here on our team.

We encourage our patients as well as new patients who may be unhappy with their smile to call us and make an appointment, there is no commitment - let us be a part of helping you achieve the smile you truly deserve. We are proud to be a Digital Smile Design Clinic here in Wellesley MA, and hope you join us in seeing all the possibilities. I have attached a couple photos of our experience throughout the course above!

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