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Do you have dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety


Fear or anxiety when coming to the dentist is a reality. If you have experienced this, know you are not alone. At our office, our goal is to completely change this impression on you and practice dentistry differently. We want to differentiate ourselves from any other dental office you have visited. We do this by genuinely getting to know you and educating you in such level that you will feel in control. Our Digital Smile Design clinic (DSD CLINIC) has developed digital protocols with a patient centered philosophy in mind; we will show you step by step with high technology visuals our goals for you and review our concerns carefully.

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We believe getting to know our patients is the first step. For your first initial visit with us, we meet with you in our consult room. Why? Because everyone has unique circumstances, needs, and desires, communication is key. Letting us know your concerns can help us tailor the appointment to suit your needs. Listening is paramount. Knowing who our patients are and where they came from is essential in helping them get to where they want to be. When our patients feel informed, and procedures are explained in detail, patients usually feel less anxious.


Dental anxiety or fear is typically triggered by certain experiences from the past. Here are a couple of examples below;

1. Pain: Some patients fear the dentist’s office due to the fear of experiencing pain or have experienced pain from treatment completed in the past.

2. Embarrassment: We here it often “I haven’t been to the dentist in ages, I know I need a lot of work.” We are judgment free, from the moment you step into our clinic our goal is help you get on the right track to a healthy happy smile. We are on this journey with you, and you do not have to feel alone.

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