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Do You Have the Munchies?

What are Munchies®?

No, not the cheesy, delicious snacks mix (although I’m sure I could write a blog all about my love of snacks!) In the dental world, Munchies® is a clinically proven range of orthodontic enhancement devices that are used to properly seat aligners and maximize the efficacy of their force systems. We prescribe Munchies to our patients undergoing Invisalign treatment for faster, more predictable results.


Invisalign® aligners need to be worn as snugly as possible, in the exact right placement to ensure the teeth move predictably in accordance with your treatment plan. Munchies engage 30-40% of the clinical crown which helps to make sure the aligner is seated properly and securely. If aligners are put in just with figure pressure, there is room for error as they can slip up to 10% of the length of the clinical crown.

Shorter Treatment Time

The use of Munchies® increases levels of inflammatory biomarkers, Cytokines and aMMP-8. This increase allows faster communication at a cellular level, which in turn means faster results!

Pain Relief

During orthodontic treatment, pressure is applied to shift teeth into new positions. This pressure heightens capillary strangulation and increases sensitivity to pain.

The use of Munchies can help relieve this pain. The grade silicone from which Munchies are created has unique visco-elastic properties which act as a powerful orthodontic analgesic. Biting down on this material minimizes capillary strangulation in the periodontal ligament which can provide pain relief as effective as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen.

How to Use Munchies

Every case is a little different but it is generally recommended to use the Munchies at least 10 minutes a day for best results. We also may recommend using different types of Munchies during certain phases of treatment. Here is a great video which explains how to use Munchies in more detail. And as always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out, we’re always happy to help!

So, if you’re currently undergoing Invisalign treatment, make sure to use your Munchies! Although you might not think it will make a difference now, you will be more comfortable during the process and happy when you see results faster!

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