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Do Veneers Look Fake? | Getting a Smile Makeover That Looks Natural


Does the fear of having fake-looking teeth stop you from getting smile makeover? We get you. We don’t like teeth that look unnatural either!

Dr. Cardenas has an acute, precise, artistic vision for each of her patients. She believes getting to know the person behind the smile is key, and through that personal relationship a masterpiece can be created. Throughout your consultations and treatment, Dr. Cardenas will guide you every step of the way. The result will be a naturally sparkling smile that harmonizes with who you are and allows you to be the best version of you!

As a DSD Clinic, we do 3D Facial Design which means we design smiles taking into account the whole face to make sure that the result is customized for each patient. Using video, photography, and 3D imagery, we design your smile to complement your unique features. We incorporate your personality, facial features, and bite analysis as well as the desires and goals you have for your smile. Best of all, you’ll be able to see a simulation of the final result before treatment even begins.

Do you know which four parts of your face have an impact on the design of your smile?

1. Face

The first step to planning your new smile is looking at its positioning in relation to the rest of your face. We find the vertical ‘midline’ and horizontal plane using 3D facial software which helps us balance your smile between both.

2. Lips

Your lips play a very important role in your smile. The way they move when talking, smiling and laughing has an impact on how your smile looks. Using video, we can carefully analyze those movements so we design your new smile, we make sure to align its curve to that of your lip so they are always in harmony with each other.

3. Teeth

The teeth of course are the main focus of your smile so it is imperative that we get every detail right. We factor in the shape, size, arrangement and color when designing your new smile. Using 3D facial software, we incorporate small “imperfections’ that give your teeth their real, natural beauty, so you don’t end up with fake-looking teeth that stand out or the wrong reasons.

4. Gums

The gums aren’t just the space around the teeth; they give a smile its healthy appearance and impact how the teeth look. We use video to analyze how much gum shows when smiling and, depending on how much or how little gum there is, we can shape and alter its appearance to coincide with other parts of the smile.

By choosing a DSD Clinic which follows the Five Smile Makeover Standards, you’re guaranteed a confident new smile, completely customized for you, that will stand out for all the right reasons. We take the time to get to know you and understand your dream for your new smile. Let us help you schedule your first visit to learn more about getting a natural-looking smile that reflects your personality and that has the power to change your life.

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