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Dr. Cardenas Thoughts on COVID-19

Maria Cardenas DMD


Dear Patients,

I hope this message finds all of you in good health and safe at home with your loved ones.

What a strange and confusing time this is for all of us! These are clearly times to embrace vulnerability and empathy.

In the middle of this new, awkward time, there is uncertainty and fear, I guess we feel this way when we are faced with something entirely new to us right? I truly believe that pushing through this hard, rocky moments, will hep us grow and get stronger as a community. 

There is always a hidden blessing in every crisis.

Challenge brings opportunity, opportunity to lead, show up, connect and help each other. We can choose to take this time to think and get to know ourselves better, every crisis has an end so if we choose courage, I hope we can all learn how to normalize these difficult emotions like fear and uncertainty, reality check ourselves and maybe come out on the other side with new skills, new ideas, new habits and maybe braver with our lives and our hearts!

I invite you all to do this as we grow stronger together.

What We are doing to support you:

As you know, our office is currently closed but we are still working hard to welcome you back after all this is over!

In the meantime, here is how we can help:

  • Online consultations available: Recently, we announced that we are available to connect with you online should you feel the need for any advise. This service is available to new and existing patients as we can prepare and plan for future appointments and get you in the schedule right away.
  • Extended hours: We will increase our availability when we re-open to accommodate patients that had to re-schedule their appointments.
  • Emergency Coverage available: The State has advised to restrict emergency coverage to essential emergency appointments only. Give us a call and we can help you determine this with you but certainly we are here to help.
  • Website and Social Media Updates: We will post daily tips and updates on our social media Channels (click on icons below), to help each other navigate through this COVID-19 Pandemic. Please stay connected and share your stories and thoughts with us! 



I am grateful that our new space is completed so we can share and celebrate with you when we are back, We are preparing a few things that we believe will make great memories so we can remember this time as a time that brought us closer. Let’s be patient, listen more, breathe more and choose each other!

Sending you my love, grateful for you and for choosing us,


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