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Five reasons why ‘digitization’ beats traditional record taking

As a Digital Smile Design Clinic, we strive for nothing less than excellence. This is why we implement digitization as the first step of every smile makeover, before any treatment begins.

Digitization is a process through which we gather all your unique, one-of-a kind information about your teeth and your mouth. It includes meticulous detail and measurements which allows us to prepare your treatment and design a smile that is right for you. During this process we use the latest technology to capture your individual data with more speed, comfort and accuracy than traditional methods. 

Here are our top five reasons why digitization beats traditional record taking...

1. It’s fast

Three to five minutes doesn’t sound like that much time, right? But when you’re fighting your gag reflex, struggling to breath and trying not think about what’s in that putty that makes it taste so horrible, a few minutes feels like an eternity. Furthermore, with analog impressions extra time is needed to ship physical molds to the lab. Once they arrive, they have to be scanned before the technicians can analyze them. If there are any imperfections with the molds, the process starts from the beginning.

With our iTero Scanner, not only are those discomforts eliminated, but a complete scan can be completed in less than three minutes and instantly sent to our partners!

2. It’s more comfortable

If you’ve ever gagged your way through the torture that is traditional dental impressions, you’d probably agree it’s not something you’d want to experience twice.

The great thing about using the iTero scanner is that because it’s so much more comfortable, our patients don’t mind doing scans more often. This allows us to keep better records and keep track of any changes over time. You can also see your progress at each visit!

3. It reduces dental anxiety

Many of our patients experience dental anxiety and one of the best ways we can reduce this for them is through digitization. Someone who is already nervous about dental work is going to struggle even more when those trays go in and you restrict their breathing and make them gag.

We have seen patients who would normally be very anxious get excited when they see the digital impression of their teeth appearing on the screen. It keeps them engaged and involved in the process, which lessens anxiety and actually makes a trip to the dentist relatively fun!

4. It’s more accurate

Although materials have improved over the years, one problem that remains the same is people. While traditional dental impressions can be very accurate, there is always room for human error. Imagine enduring that never-ending three to five minutes of sticky, uncomfortable and horrible tasting goo in your mouth, just to find out something went wrong and you have to start over. No thank you.

5. It’s better for the environment!

Dental impression trays might not be filling landfills as much as, say, plastic straw, but any way to reduce our carbon footprint helps! Digitization eliminates the need for plastic trays and putties used for physical impressions. It also helps us create an efficient, paper-free filing system.

Ready to get started?

Digitization with the use of state-of-the-art equipment is just one of the many ways our highly skilled team provides our patients with the best possible experience. Schedule your visit with us today and take the first step to getting the smile of your dreams!

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