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Digital Smile Design- Maria Cardenas DMD

Our office is excited to announce the arrival of our new Itero Element Intra Oral Scanner! Intra Oral Scanners were created to deliver an enhance patient experience. The Itero scanner can demonstrate this by eliminating impressions, increased precision, speed, reliability, and outstanding visualization capabilities.

This scanner allows for real time 3D visualization which can improve conversations between us and our patients. Not only are these images in 3D but they're also in color. This allows for a clearer understanding regarding your treatment. Our Intra Oral scanner also offers TimeLapse Technology. TimeLaspe creates a stunning visual that compares historical scans to a new scan.

This technology, allows our patients see changes in their tooth wear, tooth movement and bite. Also we can show changes in a patient's gum line, providing more in depth data to better educate and serve our patients.


We have integrated the Itero Element along with our Digital Smile Design to provide the absolute best results. Our office is the only office in New England with the capability to fully integrate your digital facial analysis and smile design to your Orthodontic-Invisalign plan. Ana, our dental assistant, recently started her facially guided Invisalign treatment and we're excited for her! Ana has had concerns with her bite and the chipping of her front teeth. We will correct by moving her teeth with clear aligners.


We have been using the Itero Element scanner for a few months now, and love the patient feedback we have seen so far! As a team we have been through extensive training, both hands-on as well as with courses, to deliver the best results to you. We will continue post progress pictures of Ana's treatment on our social media channels so stay tuned!

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