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Introducing ECO Balance from Glo Science

Glo Science Eco Balance

Our friend and mentor Dr. Levine, creator and founder of GLO, has introduced ECO Balance to support our overall gum health. The ecosystem in our mouth is based on good and bad bacteria, which is influenced by plaque and pH levels. Studies have shown that 75 percent of individuals in the United States are affected by gum disease. As a result ECO Balance was created to help reduce the risk of gum disease and help to maintain a happy, healthy mouth.

So what is ECO Balance?

ECO Balance is a foaming gel that you can incorporate into your daily oral health routine. It is recommended that you use this gel twice a day with your regular brushing. You can also apply a thin layer to your Glo Whitening System for optimal use. ECO Balance has been proven eight times more effective than regular brushing and flossing when you use the foaming gel daily. ECO Balance gel significantly reduces gingivitis, freshens breath and whitens teeth.

Ingredients in the Eco Balance?

ECO Balance has been designed to incorporate high performing ingredients to deliver amazing results. ECO Balance has no alcohol and is antibiotic/stain free.

The ingredients include:

  • Hydrogen peroxidebEnhances tooth whitening
  • Sodium BicarbonatebNeutralizes acid in the mouth by raising the pH and deodorizing
  • XylitolbCreates fresh breath
  • CPCbTargets bad-breath-causing germs
  • Volumizing actionbPenetrates all the hard-to-reach areas in the mouth

Eco Balance is very easy to use and to incorporate into your daily routine to enhance your oral health. We are offering this product to all our patients, specifically patients with dry mouth, acid reflux, patients with acidic diets and immunosuppressed patients.

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