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Introducing Essential Oils!

Essential Oils

Essential oils are renowned for their variety of uses and benefits, and for providing versatile solutions to everyday problems. There are many ways to enjoy essential oils, aromatic use is a simple application method that can help anyone to experience the potent, uplifting, relaxing or purifying nature of essential oils. Essential oils offer immediate benefits such as promoting a calm, stable environment, purifying the air, managing mood and emotions and so much more! You will now see essential oil diffusers throughout our office! 

The practice of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. In ancient Rome, China, Greece and India essential oils were use often in rituals and religious practices, these ancient people discovered that essential oils had the ability to influence feelings and uplift mood. Significant research was done in the 1990s which helped biologists understand how inhaling the scent of essential oils could trigger specific chemical sensors in the body to react. This research helped prove the notions of ancient civilizations- that breathing in essential oils can have significant effect on emotion, mood and atmosphere. Many essential oils contain chemical properties that have been shown to promote relaxing feelings, a calming atmosphere, and the ability to soothe anxious feelings when used aromatically.

Benefits of aromatic use:

  1. Simple and convenient application method requires little experience with essential oils.
  2. . Creates calming, relaxing, soothing or grounding environment
  3. Can  help purify the air.
  4.  Can help manage mood and emotions.

Essential Oil benefits

Each essential oil has a different chemical makeup and each person has different emotions and memories, no two people will have the exact same reaction when inhaling an essential oil. However, certain essential oils have specific chemical elements that help promote calming, relaxing, grounding, energizing, or soothing feelings.

Essential Oils lemon

Our favorite essential oil right now is Lemon! We add about 5-6 drops of Lemon into our oil diffusers. Lemon oil has several uses  and benefits. Lemon essential oil has a clean, fresh, citrus aroma. It is also known for its purifying properties. Lemon oil helps to provide an uplifting environment, and has been shown to help improve mood with an energizing and invigorating aroma. Lemon oil will also help cleanse and purify the air. 

Once you experience the power the of essential oils through aromatic use, you will love how potent and effective the oils are. Using essential oils is a great way to create a happy healthy environment! If you are using essential oils at home and have a favorite you would like to share send us an email at

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