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It’s not just about Oral Health - look after your Mental Health, too.

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Stay at home guidelines have had a huge impact on mental well being for people across the United States and the rest of the world. Social restrictions combined with concern for the health of our family and friends (and patients!) may have, understandably, caused anxiety and stress. To look after your health in these difficult times, it is important that you take a few moments to ensure that your mental well being is in check.

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Here are some ideas from our team on what you can do:


  1. Stay active:  With restrictions on exercise and time spent outside the house now relaxed some-what, make the time to get some fresh air and vitamin D. Just going for a walk everyday provides a change of scenery and gets the blood pumping. Or, you could try something new – if you’re not a natural-born runner, consider the Couch to 5k training programme to get started safely or set up a running group on Strava so that you and your friends and family can motivate each other. Just try to get moving. Keep in contact half the battle with mental well being is talking about how you are feeling and seeking the support of others. Re-connect with a family member or call your best friend – it’s OK to not be OK and sharing how you feel can often help to reduce the burden.It is also really important to stay connected to others, so check in with others to see how they are doing also. You could even combine this with a walk in the park or at the beach – following social distancing guidelines, of course.

  2. Eat Healthily: Diet can have a massive impact on general health and mental well being as well as your teeth. If you, like us, have over-indulged in recent months, don’t worry! Now’s the time to get back to a healthy, balanced diet that provides all the nutrients your mind and body need to function properly. Perhaps get the whole family involved in cooking a meal from scratch, or try a new recipe with fresh ingredients you might not usually use.

We are still here for you and have loved keeping in touch with many of you via social media and on the phone. You can reach us easily using the usual channels and we’ll be happy to offer any advice or even just catch up!

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