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Studies show that 45% of denture wearers are unhappy with their dentures for eating, comfort and appearance. An ill-fitting denture can lead to a miserable life, affecting peoples’ ability to socialize, enjoy food and generally function in day-to-day life. Advances in digital dental technology and treatments have meant that the inconvenience of ill-fitting dentures doesn’t need to be suffered by anyone anymore, and the use of dental implants can help almost any denture wearer to improve their situation. Dental implants can be used to secure existing dentures, or even remove the need for wearing dentures by providing “fixed-in teeth”.

Providing clients with a dental implant solution to ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures is a procedure which needs time, care and exceptional planning. We are a team of caring individuals who understand the misery ill-fitting dentures can cause and take great pride in providing solutions which vastly improve our patient’s quality of life in a relaxed and friendly environment. As a certified digital smile deign clinic (DSD Clinic) we are a fully trained to implement the lasted fully guided digital implant planning protocol.

If your life is being affected by unsatisfactory dentures, why not come down and see us and discuss the options available to you over a coffee with a free initial consultation, and no obligation to continue with treatment.

We think we have something special for you here and we hope you agree. We look forward to seeing you soon – call for your free consultation now and join us for a cup of coffee and a chat.

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