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The beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to reset and start fresh! In our office we are all for making better decisions and challenging ourselves in the best way possible. In the beginning of the year we took some time to re-evaluate something that we would like to improve on and we decided to have a progress check half way through January. Here’s what our team had to say:

Dr. Maria Cardenas:

Dr Maria Cardenas

               Goal: “To decrease sugar ’.”

                Progress check: “I will be starting a 10-day sugar detox with a coach next week!

Updated Goal: “Still the same!”


Casey (Office Manager)


Goal: “I am quitting coffee.”

                Progress check: “I am currently consuming two cups of coffee a day. Having Caffe Nero in front of the office makes things difficult!”

                Updated Goal: “Making my own coffee at home and limiting to two REASONABLY sized cups of coffee a day!”


Telma (Registered Dental Hygienist):


                Goal: “To work out from home at least three times a week.”

                Progress check: “I just started an online training program where I will begin to work out 2-3 times per week!”

                Updated Goal: “To eventually go back to the gym once I get my second dose of the vaccine.”


Daniela (Registered Dental Hygienist)

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Goal: “To drink more water.”

                Progress check: “Does the water in my coffee count….?”

                Updated Goal: “To drink more water by getting a water bottle with time markers in it and doing my best to follow it!”


Ana (Certified Dental Assistant):     


Goal: “Live happy.”

                Progress check: “It’s going pretty good! I get all the food I want in my belly, my kids listen to me sometimes and my dog is great!”

Updated Goal: “My goal is still the same!”


Many times we set goals for ourselves that requires us to make short term goals to achieve! This is something that we often see in dentistry. We will sometimes come up with a treatment plan that may need to be broken down and it is possible that steps may need to be adjusted along the way to reach our desired end result! Whatever our goals are, we should not be discouraged but continue to find ways to achieve it if it does not initially go as planned!


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