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Rock on Alice!


Alice & Dr. Cardenas

Our dear patientB Alice has been with us for roughly two years. Alice found us online while she was searching for a new dentist. She had a positive conversation with one of our front desk staff, and decided to schedule a consultation with us. She met Dr. Cardenas and the team for the firstB time; it felt as if webd known her forever.B Alice is very outgoing and kind, and shebs now one of our loyal patients. As always, it took aB couple of hygiene appointments and conversationsB to learn more about her.

We had a quarterly meeting where we had been reviewing treatment and needs of our patients. Carol, our hygienist, pointed out that Alice was performing with her company band, bThe Rocket Bandb at the Hard Rock CafC)B that Friday nightB in downtown Bostonbwait, what?! We didnbt know that she was in a band. Later on, Alice told us this was an amazing experience; she was able to check this off her venue bucket list! Alice has been supporting many local bands since she was a teen; she then started singing at open jams, and then with her company band back in 2014. She is also the lead singer in a band called bFeed Your Head;b the name was coined from the Jefferson Airplane song, bGo Ask Alice.b Alice has had a lot of success on the local scene over the past few years.

When shebs not signing, Alice is an Office Manager of a local software company. Through her job she also coordinates charitable donation drives for Waltham Boys and Girls Club and the Waltham More Than Words program, which supports young adults who are about to age out of the foster care system. Between her job and music, Alice is very busy, but we love catching up whenever she is scheduled for a visit with us. SheB is generous, kind, and a dear friend to us. Alice would describe her initial visit here asB "I knew that I had received the highest quality of care as well as an unprecedented level of compassion, patience and good cheer from Dr. Cardenas, Ana, Leslie and Carol. They are all a blessing to me."

Our passionB is not only dentistry, but itbs about the bonds and friendshipsB we gain, the great stories we hear along the way, and the smiles we can help make brighter.