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Melanie shares summer tips for healthy skin and teeth




My name is Melanie, I am Dr. Koehane’s dental assistant on Saturday’s. I just graduated from dental hygiene school, and recently just got engaged! What better way to celebrate than a vacation. I was lucky enough to adventure to the big island of Hawaii. First on our list was to chase all the waterfalls! We spent a full day hiking through the rain forest and traveling along the coast of Hilo. One thing I didn't really know was just how tropical Hawaii really is. I expected beaches and palm trees but really it was very green and on the other side of the island were all lava rock fields. We knew if we were going to be in Hawaii we needed to see a luau, which is one of the oldest traditions of the Hawaiian cultures. A Luau is known as a party or feast accompanied by hula dancing, drums and fire. The luau was one of the coolest experiences we had. The hula dancers were incredible! I couldn't believe the way they moved, so synchronized and effortless. Hawaii is beautiful and such an amazing trip to take, whether you are someone that likes to lounge or someone that wants adventure it has something for everyone at all ages.




A few tips to consider before you go on a Summer Beach adventure:

1. Protect yourself from the Sun: Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen, at least 15 SPF, avoid the sun between 10:00 am and 4:00pm when the sun is the strongest and more damaging to your skin.

2. Stay hydrated: drink lots of plain water, avoid carbonated drinks and sugar on your beverages, this will keep your teeth away from caries and maintain a balanced PH in your mouth while keeping you and your skin hydrated.

3. Do Not Smoke: Smoking will increase your chances of cancer in the lungs and mouth and will affect the quality of your skin. Smoking decreases blood flow and affects your gums, increasing your tendency for gum disease.

4. Consider Healthy Snacks: Choose vegetables and fruits over carbs and sweets when you are traveling, you are less likely to brush your teeth or floss. Remember to rinse your mouth with water whenever possible after snacks, eating healthy and staying active will keep you with high energy and on a healthy weight. Consider lean proteins and whole grains for your main meals as well.

5. Use Lip balm with broad UVA/UVB protection: Look for 30 SPF protection, the skin of our lips is super thin and very prone to burn and get damaged. Using the right product will keep you away from lip ulcers and skin cancer.

6. Travel with your electric tooth brush if you have one, use it at least at night time, brush for 2-3 minutes and don’t forget to floss first!


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