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The blueprint of your new smile begins with digitization

At Maria Cardenas DMD, we believe a stunning smile has the potential to change your life. It can impact the way the world looks at you—and more importantly, the way you look at yourself. A beautiful, healthy smile can give you confidence to see yourself in a new light and allow you to express your full potential.

We are guided by technology and driven by artistry. The latest techniques in smile design are supplemented by years of training and a true love for our craft. We have experience and expertise in delivering world class smile makeover treatment, guaranteed by the five smile makeover standards. And because we will strive for nothing less than excellence, the first step of any smile makeover at our clinic is digitization.

What is patient ‘digitization’ and how does it work?

Digitization is a process through which we gather all your unique, one-of-a kind information about your teeth and your mouth. It includes meticulous detail and measurements which allows us to prepare your treatment and design a smile that is right for you. 

During this process we use the most powerful technology and latest methods to capture your individual data with comfort, safety, accuracy and speed.


We gather your information in all or a combination of the following ways: 

  • Photos
  • Video
  • X-ray
  • Intraoral scan
  • Cone Beam CT scan
  • Facial scan
  • Digital bite analysis

Why do we gather so much information?

  • Because it lets us build a digital 3D model of your face, mouth and teeth as the foundation for your new smile design.
  • Because we want to ensure a holistic smile makeover - not just superficial changes.
  • Because we take into account the dimensions of your facial features to design a beautiful, balanced smile.
  • Because digital impressions are fast and exceptionally accurate (no more impression paste that makes you gag!)
  • Because smiles aren’t static, they move! So we use video to analyze them in motion.
  • Because comprehensive information lets us plan a smile makeover that is esthetic and the best for your health.


Why is this important for you to consider when researching your new smile designer?

We put patients first

DSD Clinics put your comfort first so you can feel confident about getting treatment that’s right for you. Before we start a single procedure, our first step is to understand you and your dream for your new smile.


We are qualified

Becoming a DSD Clinic takes intense training, and our certified status is your guarantee of our exceptional standards. We collaborate with experienced dentists at the DSD Planning Center to achieve the best results for you.


We offer unique experiences

DSD Clinics do things differently. Our clinic, our team and our treatment is purpose-designed to ensure that we always provide an experience that makes you say, “Wow”.


We innovate with technology

Digital technology and a patient-first approach help us achieve your healthiest, most confident smile. Using technology, we provide comfortable treatment, precision planning and tailor-made, natural-looking smiles.


We do Emotional Dentistry

A smile should fit your dental requirements but also your emotional goals. Our aim is to give you a smile that reflects your personality, character and confidence, and that has the power to change your life.

The DSD Difference

There are many dental clinics that deliver smile makeovers. But without the quality assurances of the Smile Makeover Standards you risk getting a smile that is poorly designed that can negatively affect your health, your time, your confidence and your money. 

Or you could get a custom-designed new smile that enhances your natural features beautifully, making you feel more like yourself….

ONLY DSD Clinics offer the 5 Smile Makeover Standards - your guarantee of a top quality smile makeover.

3D Facial Design
Digital Treatment Planning
Trial Smile
Guided Digital Dentistry



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