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Tips every patient starting Invisalign should know.


Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces. Unlike traditional metal braces, which can be a painful and time-consuming treatment option, Invisalign is comfortable, removable, and practically invisible. Aligner therapy can be a great solution for teens and adults who are looking to straighten their teeth for orthodontic or cosmetic purposes.

Invisalign uses a series of virtually invisible aligners that are custom-molded to gradually re position your teeth into a smile you’ll be proud of. Generally, aligners are changed every two weeks until the end result is achieved. Invisalign therapy offers comfort, convenience, and virtual invisibility during treatment so getting an incredible smile doesn’t have to disrupt your lifestyle. When starting Invisalign, patients must fully commit to treatment, meaning that patients must wear their aligners for the correct amount of time each day, typically about 22 hours per day. Saying yes to treatment requires work and dedication from your dentist as well as from you. Our goal is to help you enjoy your smile journey, and to educate you and teach you a couple of tips to help you along the way. 

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So you’ve signed up and committed to your invisalign treatment journey and you’re a bit intimidated. No worries we want to help you ease into your treatment by discussing a few tips below.


  • Tip # 1- Remove your aligners in a safe and sanitary way.

When you pick up your aligners in our office, we will walk you through step by step removing and placing your aligners as well as sanitizing them. It is essential that you carefully remove your aligners each time, altering them in any way can reduce the success of your treatment. A common mistake we see is our patients removing their aligners from outside only. What you want to do is think “inside-out” pulling from the inside and then at the same time peeling the aligner off slowly. As for sanitation you may use an Invisalign tool, which reduces you from touching the aligners as much. This may be a great tool to use when you have the flu or a common cold.

  • Tip # 2- Keep your aligners clear and clean.

Everyone who commits to Invisalign loves the fact that their aligners are clear. You must take care of them in order for those aligners to stay clear and clean. We are asked often, how can I clean my aligners? You may soak them in denture or retainer cleaner. We have linked what we recommend to our patients below.

Retainer Brite

  • Tip #3- Use your Chewies.

In order to maximize tooth movement we recommended chewies to our ortho patients. Chewies are used to help close air gaps between your teeth and your aligners. When you first start with your new aligner tray, they may not sit tightly against your teeth. Biting down on a chewie helps the aligner fit closely to the teeth, which ultimately means your treatment will track properly.

  •  Tip # 4- Always carry your aligner case.

Always carry you aligner case with you. You will be removing your aligners to eat, placing them on the table or in a napkin can result in them accidentally be thrown away. Also placing them anywhere that is not in your case may not be sanitary.

  • Tip # 5- Keep up on your oral hygiene.

What is great about aligners is that they are removable, so you do not have to brush and floss in between metal braces. However, you need to take extra care on your oral hygiene while in aligner therapy. These aligner trays create warm, moist space next to your teeth, which creates a perfect place for bacteria to form. Remember to always brush and floss after eating before placing your aligners back in.


We hope these tips help you on your journey. Any questions please call our office. 781-235-1900


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