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What do hygienists do?




Hygienists are specially trained to professionally clean teeth and assist in the prevention of dental disease.

Dental Disease falls into 2 categories:

-Gum Disease

-Tooth Decay

Both diseases are exacerbated by the amount of plaque in your mouth. Plaque is a sticky coating of bacteria which constantly forms on your teeth. The main disease the Hygienist treats is Gum Disease.

Your dentist will diagnose the disease and then subsequently write a prescription to the Hygienist and she will carry out professional cleaning. Sometimes the cleaning can be sensitive especially when there is a lot of gum disease. The Hygienist will discuss these issues with you and can offer you local anesthetic to make the process more comfortable for you.

Hygienists always work with the referring dentist to give you care that is tailored to your needs. This can sometimes mean a few appointments will be required as it is all in the best interests of your health.

As well as professional cleaning, your hygienist will give you oral hygiene advice and educate you in the best way to clean your teeth and gums i.e. what toothbrush is best suited to your mouth and how to clean between your teeth. She will also give dietary advice and recommend preventative measures to ensure tooth decay rates slow down.

A clean healthy mouth will make you look and feel better and help to keep your teeth for life.

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