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What is Dental Monitoring ? How Does the Dental Monitoring App Work ?


Dental Monitoring DM App

Dental Monitoring DM
Dental Monitoring uses AI to allow the Doctor to remotely monitor the progress of the patient's treatment through photos taken by the patient using the DM app on their own smartphone, with a DM ScanBox. The Dental Monitoring solution allows real time communication between
the Doctor's team and the patient.

Offering New Virtual Orthodontic Appointments

At Maria Cardenas DMD , we know our patients’ time is valuable. That’s why we offer time-saving amenities like text messaging correspondence, online patient forms, iTero digital impressions, and now, virtual Orthodontic appointments via the Dental Monitoring app! Using this app will allow you to spend less time in our office, and more time enjoying life! In this times where risk exposure and time is of essence, we wanted to offer additional benefits to our patients to recover from the recent COVID -19 Pandemic. Our main focus right now is to make things easier for you without compromising quality and results!

What is the Dental Monitoring app?

Dental Monitoring is an easy to use app that allows you to send images and videos of your teeth to our office throughout your treatment. Your Invisalign or braces treatment will begin with an in-office consultation with Dr. Cardenas. This consultation will provide the information required to plan your treatment. After the initial consultation, you will be seen in the office on an as needed basis, depending on what your scans show. The Dental Monitoring app will greatly reduce the number of in office visits required.

How Does it Work?

At the start of your treatment, we will help you set up an account within the Dental Monitoring app on your phone. You will receive your own cheek retractors and we will guide you through the process of taking a photo or video scan. Refer to the Video Mode tutorial and the Photo Mode tutorial for extra tips. For Invisalign treatment, you  will send a quick scan to our office every week. Based on the result of the scan, we can let you know if you should move on to your next set of aligners or continue with your current set. You can also send us a scan if you have a question or an issue with your treatment.

Why Use Dental Monitoring?

The best part about the Dental Monitoring app is that you can use it literally anywhere! Virtual Orthodontic appointments are great for all patients who find it difficult to get into the office, including:

  • College Students
  • Adults that travel for work
  • Kids that participate in extra curriculars after school
    (and their parents)
  • Individuals with limited transportation
  • Parents with multiple kids
  • Anyone who wants to make their treatment process easier!


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