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A review with considerations from Dr Cardenas.

Today’s statistics of successful clinical cases, confirm tooth replacement with Dental Implants as the standard of care for missing teeth.

Dental implant Process at Maria Cardenas DMD Dental implants have been successfully in the market since 1965. Advancements in Implant manufacturing, Digital treatment planning softwares, and developments in Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), make Implant dentistry a very predictable treatment option for tooth replacement.

The main predictors for implant success are the quantity and quality of bone, the patient's age, the dentist's experience, location of implant placement, length of the implant, axial loading, and oral hygiene maintenance. Primary predictors of implant failure are poor bone quality, chronic periodontitis, systemic diseases, smoking, unresolved caries or infection, advanced age, implant location, short implants, acentric loading, an inadequate number of implants, parafunctional habits and absence/loss of implant integration with hard and soft tissues.

Inappropriate prosthesis design can also contribute significantly to implant failure.


Dental Implants in Wellesley


At Maria Cardenas DMD we are committed to offer predictable results. In order to accomplish this, we offer:

  1. Digitalization of our patient.
  2. Facially guided Digital Implant Treatment planning softwares available are used for all implant cases.
  3. Clinical Test Drive to simulate aesthetic outcome before treatment begins
  4. Computer simulation for patient and interdisciplinary communication.
  5. Digitally planned - guided surgical implant placement.
  6. Experienced Implant surgeons dedicated to surgical placement available On-Site
  7. Experienced Restorative Specialists responsible for design and delivery of Final Prosthesis
  8. Digitally trained laboratories that understand our Ideal Digital plan and language and can duplicate our desired results.


We are thrilled to be able to practice Implant Dentistry in an era where we can digitally plan our cases so well and minimize clinical risks to the minimum.

Replace missing teeth

If you’re looking to replace missing or damaged teeth for practical or aesthetic purposes, book a free Dental consultation at Maria Cardenas DMD. Contact us today 781-235-1900 or email us if you have any questions or concerns about the Dental Implant Process.

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