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Why Choose Us For Your Invisalign Treatment?


Smile Design Clinic Collaboration With Invisalign

  1. Maria Cardenas DMD is a certified Smile Design Clinic, (We are the only ones in Massachusetts). Smile design Clinics are an elite group of clinics worldwide that are trained and certified to implement the most Modern Digital workflow and treatment planning protocols. DSD Clinic Teams are considered the pioneers in facially guided digital planning, natural digital restorations, comprehensive-patient centered care, holistic dentistry and orofacial clinical assessment. They are the most advanced centers the dental world.

  2. DSD Clinics have the ability to develop an advanced Invisalign plan using the patient’s face as reference during the treatment planning phase, therefore, the final result from the clear aligner therapy is in harmony with the patient’s face. This Invisalign - Smile Design solution is only available to DSD Clinics.

3. DSD Clinics have the training and expertise to develop an Invisalign plan that can be tested in the computer in the form of a simulation and also as a clinical test drive in the patient’s mouth. This means that our patients can see the final result and have this tested in their mouth
before treatment begins. Our Test Drive Experience, brings re assurance to the patient and allows better communication through visualization of problems that be addressed and visualization of the final goal for the Orthodontic - Aligner treatment.

4. Maria Cardenas DMD also offers the latest technology in Dental Remote Monitoring. This allows our practice to monitor your treatment closely without the patient coming to the office. This technology offers more predictable and efficient results allowing the doctor to detect any
tracking problems very early on, maintaining full communication with our patients through their progress while keeping control of treatment outcome.

5. We use digital impressions and a fully integrated digital protocol. This technology brings comfort and efficiency to the patient.


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