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Why Photography is an essential tool in cosmetic dentistry.

Photography and videography are essential tools in cosmetic Dentistry. Not only in the technical process and manufacturing of our porcelain reconstructions but also in the documentation and treatment planning of our cases. This is why we take the time to educate ourselves by taking professional photography classes so we can always provide our patients with the highest level of quality and service in every aspect.

We find that showing photos is the best way to communicate with and educate our patients about their treatment plan. And when we collaborate with Digital Smile Design, photos are a crucial part of the design process. We capture photos not only of the teeth but portraits as well to provide our patients with their ideal smile that is in balance with their facial features.

The Artistic side of Cosmetic Dentistry can be explained and expressed in great detail thanks to the help of photo and video imaging. That's why have professional cameras and video cameras throughout the office ready to go to guarantee we have the necessary equipment available right when we need it!

We also rely on the help of professional photographers to showcase our completed work. We had a professional photographer come in to do a photoshoot with two of our dear patients last week and we have more coming up! We can't wait to share the photos with you!

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